Company Vision

PM Credit Management is here to make protecting your credit and managing your data simple. By using the most robust credit management techniques, our team of seasoned professionals ensures that your credit is healthy, your personal information is secure—and your buying power is strong. 

Some credit companies have question marks over their legitimacy. PM Credit Management is different. For nearly a decade, we have built up a robust reputation as experts in credit and data management in the United States. 

And with credit increasingly key to success in modern America, we’re poised to help a new audience—you. Partner with us for a guide through life’s challenges.


Prager Metis

Prager Metis is a Top 40 US accounting firm and a Top 10 International firm and, with over 100 partners and principals, more than 500 team members, and sixteen offices worldwide including New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Los Angeles,  Miami and London. Clients come to Prager Metis for the expert advice that protects and grows the value of their world—whether that world is local or extends across international markets. Prager Metis helps make Your World Worth More.

The firm’s unparalleled reputation is built upon decades of partnership with many of the most successful artists of all time —Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Academy Award-winners—as well as sports superstars. That tradition continues today, as the firm provides expert counsel to clients ranging from rock icons AC/DC to reggae star Sean Paul.

Prager Metis CPAs has become our clients’ trusted “go to” advisor for a full range of accounting, audit, tax, advisory and international services. We have a level of expertise and a global presence that are unique, and serve a diverse domestic and international clientele in a wide range of industries.

Anthony Davenport and Regal

The Great Recession of 2007-8 changed countless lives on both sides of the Atlantic. Anthony Davenport was no different. Having risen as a mortgage expert at Bank of America and Wells Fargo, the financial crisis gave Davenport a chance to reflect on his profession—and the importance of credit to everyone.

In 2010, frustrated by misinformation around credit ratings, Davenport set up Regal Credit Management. “As a former mortgage originator, I understand how unfavorable credit—or no credit at all—can impact your livelihood,” he remembers. “Whether caused by error, theft, or rookie mistakes, bad credit affects your ability to live life on your terms.”

Regal Credit Management quickly grew to help thousands of customers, including people at the top levels in world sport, music, movies, and finance. An expert in both American and British credit regulations, Davenport is now partnering with Prager Metis to establish PM Credit Management: the first truly comprehensive credit management firm in the U.S. designed for high-net worth and high-profile individuals.

Your Score, Davenport’s book, is an Amazon bestseller. In addition, Davenport and Regal have been the subject of numerous print and television features, including Forbes, Oprah Magazine, USA Today and the New York Times.


A poor credit rating isn’t a problem. But it can stop you from renting an apartment or buying a car. 

Poor data management doesn’t just limit your privacy: it invites scammers and other malicious people. 

PM Credit Management understands these challenges. 

All our services are interconnected, with three main targets in mind:




PM Credit Management is proud to work with a range of partners. Whatever your personal circumstances, we’re here to help.

Finance Professionals. We associate with a broad range of business management firms, accounting firms, financial planners, bankers and wealth advisors. By working with us, they can pass on powerful benefits to their clients—sharpening their investments and boosting their finances. 

Individuals. PM Credit Management helps people build and restore their credit, and protect their data on a personal basis. Whether you need a loan or simply want to remove private information from the internet, we’re here to help.

Built on Regal and Prager Metis

PM Credit Management is built on deep wells of knowledge and expertise. 

Regal. With teams in New York, Los Angeles, and London, Anthony Davenport and his colleagues at Regal Credit Management have been world leaders in credit management and data protection for nearly a decade. 

Prager Metis. With 500 staff and 16 offices on both sides of the Atlantic, Prager Metis is one of the top ten international accounting firms. They work with a number of high-profile entertainers and athletes,ranging from including AC/DC to Sean Paul. Several partners at Prager Metis were recently named one of the top business managers of 2020 by Billboard.